At the time of this publication, gambling in our country is going through far from the best online casino thailand times. Needless to say, with the exception of gambling zones that are at the very early stage of development, there are no legal gambling establishments that can offer customers a truly high-quality service. Illegal gambling establishments, despite the efforts of the authorities, still exist, but not everyone can visit them.

However, there is a positive trend and, perhaps, in the future, Russian players will again be able to enjoy high-quality gambling at home. But when will this happen?

Development trends of domestic gambling

Yes, perhaps, in due time, residents of the country will again begin to visit gambling establishments that do not need to travel through half the country. But will these be classic 12joker Thai เกมส์คาสิโน casinos or will we see a new generation of casinos?

Before the ban on the gambling business in Russia, not every casino could boast of really high-quality service, and the greatest complaints from customers fell on the croupier. Yes, when you lose your money, it can be very difficult to keep yourself in check, but the overwhelming majority of the croupiers we encountered earlier took a crash course and in practice turned out to be unprepared for work.

Thus, this imposed certain obligations on casino employees – to improve interaction with customers. Needless to say, a gambling establishment is a part of the entertainment industry, therefore, customers need entertainment, and each of the employees should take part in this.

The dealer’s task is not to poison jokes or surprise with tricks – there are specially trained people for this. The croupier should not look like a robot, a soulless machine. Even if the croupiers represent the interests of the casino, they work in the hall with clients, they can retain their individuality, which will significantly increase the quality of service.

What is valued in the West?

Western gambling has a huge history of development, and if not as a guide, then as an example of their developments can be used. So, in foreign casinos, the communication skills of the employee are very much appreciated – good jokes, the ability to maintain a conversation, which, in turn, allows you to inform customers about new interesting offers. And in general, if the client feels confident, he will spend more time in the establishment and will definitely come back again.

Nevertheless, croupiers who have been working in the unhealthy atmosphere of Russian casinos for a long time cannot always adapt to new realities and perceive the client properly. A positive result can be achieved in domestic gambling if the principles of work are rethought and the casino management sets the right goals for itself and the staff. When this happens – time will tell.

One of the most common types of gambling online casino malaysia can easily be described as sports betting. In basic context, sports gambling puts a wager on the outcome of a specific sporting event, usually referred to as a bet. It goes back generations ago, but exactly where and when it all began is hard to trackback. Ever since the latter came to be known as such, it is fair to say people have wagered on the outcomes of sporting events. Some say best malaysia online casino were made in Ancient Greece for the very first time, although others argue that just before that, there is proof of similar gambling activities.

In any case, sport betting roots, particularly at this stage, are meaningless. Today, the status of a favorite pastime of millions of sports fans around the world has been achieved by online gambling. This produces mind-boggling profits. With the introduction of online bookies, making a bet on your favorite sport without needing to leave your home is simpler than ever before.

The position of the bookmaker

  • The bookmaker is a business or individual that offers a sports betting service at odd settings, which is also known as a “betting firm” or “sportsbook.”
  • The bookies give the chance for sporting events as well. Their earnings are primarily not derived from the odds but from the markets, which they have offered.
  • Winner (you may bet who the winner will be – from home or away), first goals corer, half-time result and correct score, etc., are some of the most common markets. Besides, punters should try making multiple predictions and betting on different choices.

The most frequent betting forms Complete wager-

  • Depending on the amount of the two teams.

For example, when an MLB is 10.5, the cumulative total is higher over the bettor and the reverse is higher for better. The bet is a drive if the cumulative sum is like the bid. Many sportsbooks reimburse all pushes, but a minority lists them as losers.

Betting Proposal

  • These are bets on a very specific outcome of the match that is not inherently statistically related to the final match.
  • Examples include predicting whether a player will run with a football club for a certain number of yards, or betting that perhaps the baseball player on even a squad will have more hits mostly on the opposing team than just about any other player.

Parliaments are betting

The parlay needs multiple bets, which are only higher if the parlay wins. A parlay is at least 2 bets, but as much as the bookmaker makes.


  • In several countries it is limited, but not criminalized, by bookmaking (the profession of sports wager acceptance).
  • Betters typically put sports betting on illegal bookmakers (known as “bookies”) and the internet in places where thousands of online bookmakers take in the athletic activities worldwide. In these fields betting is illegal.
  • The National League of Football is opposed to all forms of legalization and vigorous opposition against the legalization of sports betting to prevent corruption.

Besides, the CEO of the international cricket council, in particular in India, claims that the sports betting of non-transparent bookmakers must be allowed to curtail illicit books. Most of the other illicit taxes are also intended to support terror, drugs, and other illegal acts. Based on data from various sources, such as player results, weather, fan sentiment, etc., machine learning models may make real-time predictions. Some models showed reliability marginally better than that of experts.

As you know, there is a huge difference between the post-Soviet space and the West. It’s not about geographic location or mentality – it would seem that an identical field of activity in our country and overseas is acquiring completely individual regional characteristics. An easy example – if in Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, the profession of a dealer is considered an elite job with huge advantages, you involuntarily want to compare this same profession in domestic realities.

It is impossible to “scratch one size fits all” establishments that once operated or are now operating in countries where it is allowed, or in gambling sagame 88 zones. Casinos, as they say, casinos are different – there are gambling establishments where the croupiers receive a very high salary, while feeling themselves protected (social package and other benefits). We will consider the most common picture.

Comparison – casinos from the inside with us and overseas

Let’s start with the most important thing – wages. A good dealer in the States makes about $ 100,000 a year. The salary level in the post-Soviet territories is several times lower.

Qualification. Western employers are very scrupulous about the qualifications of employees, but our employees have a certain advantage. Often, gambling establishments in the Russian Federation and Belarus conduct personnel training on their own, free of charge. You just need to finish the dealer’s school located at the casino and you can go to work.

About charts. There are no differences – croupiers around the world have shifts and, if necessary, you can substitute each other.

About the load. The scheme of work in a US sa game88 com casino looks like this – employees are given a half-hour rest, which dealers receive after 1.5-2 hours of work in the hall. Our situation is similar, but there are cases when there is a blockage in a gambling establishment, there are no shift workers and the working intervals increase. In any case, a tired employee can be costly for a gambling establishment.

Other details

The issue of tips in the States is very scrupulous – for most gambling establishments, it is tips that are the key source of income. In domestic casinos, the situation is more complicated – often this money is either divided among everyone, or goes to the casino fund.

Working conditions in the casinos of the West are enviable – thoughtful ventilation, which quickly removes the smoke of smokers, meals at the expense of the employer, uniform at the expense of the institution. Rude clients are everywhere – rather, this is the cost of the profession.

Social package. In principle, everything is the same – official employment gives the right to receive paid leave, sick leave and other benefits. But if work without registration abroad is something out of the ordinary, then here, when almost all gambling establishments are illegal, the situation is deplorable.

We’ve highlighted the highlights for comparison. Perhaps, over time, the situation in domestic gambling will change for the better.

A lot of research has shown that blackjack is one of the most profitable gambling games for clients. But here’s a bad luck and a big question – why are tables located in offline casinos idle without work? Indeed, in some regions (in countries where gambling is allowed) blackjack is not at the peak of its popularity, therefore it is extremely difficult to attract new clients here.

And if earlier blackjack was perceived by most owners as a pleasant addition, preferring Caribbean poker or, say, roulette, today the situation has changed radically – most of the operators are beginning to conquer new horizons and develop blackjack.

What techniques are used to attract new players to this area and what do casino owners go to to arouse players’ interest in their product?


As they say, if you want to do something well, do it yourself. By analogy, if you want to increase your blackjack income by attracting new players, it’s time to prepare them yourself, periodically conducting training sessions. Of course, for this you will need to use one or several tables, the downtime of which brings a loss, but this should be regarded as a long-term investment in the development of the industry.

Do not forget about advertising – it is very good if you can attract well-known pros to the conduct. Dealers should also, as they say, keep their brand – pleasant to talk to and masters of their craft.

Give the client a full-fledged “fishing rod” – training should be conducted not in the format of learning the rules of the game, but on the basis of a basic strategy.

The prize pool must also be present – the best players (or all those present) are given small chips that cannot be exchanged for money, but they can be played on blackjack tables.

Other ways to attract newbies

Most of the clients of gambling establishments do not want to play new games and generally discover excitement from an unexpected side just for the reason that they absolutely do not have enough skills. An excellent solution is to allocate a table exclusively for beginners, which will not be interesting to people with experience due to the narrow range of rates and small limits. It is also advisable to somehow highlight such tables and arrange them in plain sight.

The personnel for working on such tables must also be selected carefully, dealers will be required who can give a sensible answer to all questions that arise. The pace of play at such a table, of course, will be very low. Thus, the casino management will make every effort to help every inexperienced blackjack lover quickly get used to it and feel much more confident, like คาสิโนสด did. And with experience, yesterday’s newbies will move to big, shared tables and raise their stakes.

Few recommendations

If the management of a gambling establishment has decided to focus on the development of newcomers and turning them into regular customers of a gambling establishment, many small recommendations will need to be taken into account. So, in addition to the tables for beginners, draws, tournaments and special prizes, you need to take into account all sorts of little things, which at first glance may seem insignificant, but are of great importance for those who are just starting out.

Shuffle machines. Today in gambling establishments they are used very often, they systematically and thoroughly mix cards. Superstitious beginners, seeing a chirping car, completely lose hope that they will be able to win this game.

If there are a lot of clients – why not go to a meeting and, without trying to squeeze everyone at one table, open new tables? No discrimination based on skill – more experienced players should not express superiority and taunt newcomers.

Probably, for every person who has a minimal idea of ​​how this or that establishment works from the inside, the question of tip remains unsolved until the end. Why, in certain cases, the staff refuses to tip, and where to leave without leaving a tip is bad taste? And the casino is no exception – the tip policy is the exact opposite.

The croupier takes all his tips

Practice shows that sooner or later (of course, this does not always happen), dealers, getting used to generous tips as an additional source of income, lose their zeal and ask the client to thank after each win. Probably, it is for these reasons that this tip reward system is extremely rare today.

Actually, the described system is fertile ground for an employee to start neglecting his duties, treating them with negligence (in relation to players who leave little or no tips at all).

Distribution system: tips are shared

This way of distributing tips creates additional motivation for the team. Knowing that not only the financial encouragement of colleagues, but also his own will depend on the total contribution to the team’s piggy bank, the employee takes a responsible approach to his duties. The team is close-knit, often arranges all kinds of parties.

But each person is individual and egoists are found in collectives. However, they are not as vivid as described in the previous section, since part of the money received by the dealer is at stake. Any fraudulent activity loses its attractiveness, because the risk is unjustified.

Before the memorable ban on gambling in Russia and, by the way, in neighboring Ukraine, a similar principle was widely used in casinos, where not every day the institution remained in the black. The system is very simple – if there were no big wins, the tip is passed on to the employees. If the casino is in the red, the tip goes to the casino’s cashier.

However, such a tip distribution system could take on different options. For example, the casino owners set a limit – the amount of tips should not exceed 10% of the gambling establishment’s total revenue. Situations often arise when large clients spend a fairly large amount, giving tips left and right, and this money was taken on credit.

The practice took place, but loans were not always returned, therefore, the owners of the casino, out of reinsurance, froze the amount of tips until the client paid off his debt. In some cases, the gambling establishment wrote off loans for certain services (barter), while the employees of the gambling establishment were left without a well-deserved tip.

Summarizing the section briefly, we note that such a distribution system makes the dealer worry about the final result of his work. This gives rise to mistakes, pushes to be rude to clients who win other problems.

Summing up

The issue of tip distribution in casinos needs careful consideration, since it is fundamentally wrong to argue that one approach will be better than others. The issues of motivation, team cohesion are not in the last place, it is also worth taking into account the work of the security service or management.

Thus, the issues of tip distribution are very serious and important for each of the employees of gambling establishments. If dealers are deprived of the opportunity to make additional profits, they should have a competitive salary or some kind of benefits.